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How To Record Electric Guitar

Posted by xaunkark on March 3, 2016 at 4:05 AM

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hi everybody I'm honest I said to wild on the headboard we are here this train is that you did music and welcome to another marker lecture this is part of the how-to series.

And today we're going to be learning about how to record in electric atop with just a single marker fine saw lies its I'm for those home studio in two years. The need to get the best and the back and Adam ledger the top let's take a look I K so I'm with a with the have recording electric guitar with the single market find the mining thing is about the positioning of it.

Like I said let me first have a look at the market self-doubt this is on a Shure SM 57. I'm very very common market fine used for electric guitar. I'm and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move the position of the market and just moving in a few inches is gonna make a huge difference to the sound itself UK so you think about the position is almost being like a time control.

Okay so I'm you can see this well but the speaker can actually comes LifeA my and there to speak you can spot a bit-part his cabinet now if you move the market to the same tour the speakon you gonna find that it's very very Tripoli you can actually get a lot of top and into that sound as you move it further to the song I dove the kind I. You're going to find that that's sound will drop off in topping just like turning down the trouble on an EQ UK so close to the same top very very bright as you move it further why the top in will disappear cock quite considerably the other thing that also happens is that you can actually change the time soon by moving the distance off the mark to find from the cabinet itself the further why you I'm you gonna find that there's less and by sinn this out okay so you moving up for the right you get less spice as you move it close-up to the mike us are close to the cabinet visit the what's called the proximity effect will start to take a hot price and the closer you get to it the more increasing vice that you're going to have site really the positioning of this mike is all about.

I'm advising you that you walk into a glorified time control attack so what we're going to do that's the explanation let's now he have that sounds and so we've got a nice yeah comments OJ so what I need to do just by a single Conn Ave area I'm and all just now move the market fine around this week gonna buy thanks yeah okay so by changing the position of the marker fine you're acting like a time control and it's about you finding the right position fit the particular sound bicycling means you don't really need to use each you in the control room its all about the positioning of the mark Fayne hope you enjoyed that marked the lecture.

We'll see you next time thanks a lot.